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Amsterdam, North Holland
Work Type: Volunteer
This is an open application to propose a role for yourself in our team. While we have an existing team setup, we are open to the possibility that we are missing opportunities to expedite what we do that could be improved with new people and functions. Ideally, your interests and motivation will align with the needs of our team, and we can design a new position for you.

To apply, please attach a Role Proposal and Motivation Letter to share with us why you are interested in joining and what you want to bring to the SheSharp team and community.


SheSharp is a non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands, dedicated to making it easier for women and non-binary people to enter, stay, and grow in the Tech industry. SheSharp was founded 8 years ago, and is run by a team of part-time volunteers and funded through donations. We provide a community-based platform for women and non-binary people to explore their career interests and be amplified; we hold in-person and online events, manage a growing online community, run career development programs, promote our community members, and offer scholarships towards learning.

Our Values

  1. Exploration over status quo
    1. It’s better to fail over not trying
    2. Aim to be curious about new topics and subjects
  2. Quality (of events and content) over quantity
  3. We prioritise benefits to community over sponsors and partners
  4. Long term thinking and sustainability over short term gains
    1. Be data-informed in prioritising our projects and initiatives to avoid bias
  5. Humans over objectives
    1. Being realistic about our capacity over trying to do a lot
    2. Aiming to understand over assume
    3. Lift as you climb (support one another)
    4. Approach from an empathetic perspective
    5. Assume positive intent
Our code of conduct:

Who You Are

Above all, we are looking for someone who is aligned with our mission and enjoys collaborating with a diverse team. Due to the unpredictable nature of how we work, we believe that someone who is comfortable with ambiguity, is organised, and can work independently and autonomously, will be most successful in this role. We would love for them to propose ideas for the team and challenge us on our perspectives, and we will do our best to create an environment where that is possible.

What to Expect

You should receive an acknowledgement of your application by email. We will review it, and respond with a month as to whether we see there is a match of needs, or not. If we do see a match, we will invite you to meet the whole team for an informal 30-60 minute chat with the team to get to know you better and your motivation for the role. We will follow up within a week of the interview to offer you the position or not.

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